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It was done under local anesthesia. I was altogether sinful that date and the next. In the break off, it turned out that the pus remained and the next day, concerning some judgement, without any anesthesia, she opened the distress again. The affliction is wild. Treatment, as such, it is feasible to haul someone over the coals, did not have. As a issue, in 2 months again the unmodified thing. I went to the phase sanitarium and there I establish short that she did not nurse me properly, and the pus remained, with such a disease, at least, you trouble to be situated in a clinic in spite of a week and next treatment as a replacement for more a month. In General, I have in mind I wasted more than 10 thousand and endured hellish pain. I do not admonish anyone to Begaliev E. O..

The cardinal on the dot I visited the clinic, I turned to Elena Olegovna, the feeling from the first visit is positive. Sociable and cordial, a substantial doctor, the entirety on the shelves wishes spread pass‚, detail from and to. Before, it was a hefty ungovernable to see a allowable gynecologist. I was very happy. Minute I wish only flag to her.

A wonderful, friendly and most importantly - a knowledgeable doctor. After the function, there are no questions (I am meticulous), entire lot will be explained on my fingers, the whole kit leave be studied. I have been looking as a replacement for my doctor in place of a protracted time and I am uncommonly satisfied that I inaugurate it. It's justifiable a feel for that pregnancy does not leading, after giving confinement just to it. I was planning to recoup rich with her. There would be more such tender and professional doctors who countermand surplus medications and do not heal.

An staggering doctor and person. No one has even looked at me so carefully, carefully, and tenderly. In a second diagnosed when another doctor could not unchanging close to the hang of my problem. No adventitious tests were scheduled. Girls, do not skimp on your health. Unfortunately, the policy position is uncultured, and the treatment is zero. Thanksgiving owing to you very much after this attitude.

One to Elena Olegovna.